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Tell us what you'd like to see

Feel free to write and tell us what you think.  We fully expect people to have questions and comments about these episodes.  Even though Graham is not a doctor, he does have a lot of experience working with the human body and it's very important to him that the facts he presents are correct.  Due to the abbreviated length of the episodes, many times Graham cannot cover everything that he'd like to.


If there are episodes you'd like to see, please write and let us know.  Thanks for tuning in!


You can write us on Facebook or at info@porkbellyfilms.com.

Graham, Adam, and John, the Graham's Tales team.

Photo by Jonathan Luskin

Photo by Adam Chin

What you won't see

What you won't see in Graham's Tales are any pictures of dead bodies.  Graham has a deep respect for the dead and we decided early on that graphic imagery would be inappropriate for these tales.  We felt that Graham's Tales would be much more entertaining if we left a little something to the imagination.

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