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An Earlier Film

Maladaptive (2004), written and directed by Adam Chin, is a comedy about a group of friends struggling to break the patterns of their own love lives.  The film stars Roxanna Ortega, Graham Cowley, Mark Romyn, Velina Brown, Dominic Sahagun and Jenny Lord.  The director of photography is Mark Leialoha, and the original score is by Marcus Shelby.


"a film that would make Woody Allen proud." -- The New York Asian American International Film Festival.

A scene with Graham Cowley

A scene from Maladaptive featuring Graham Cowley and Velina Brown.

Adam Chin, the director of Maladaptive.

On Maladaptive

"Maladaptive was a film I made a number of years ago and it was my first narrative fiction feature film.  It's probably the most serious comedy out there.  It is a comedy, but it's a human comedy and the recognition of ourselves in what these characters do is what makes it so serious.


"I wrote the script with a lead character named Graham, long before Graham Cowley was cast.  When Graham agreed to do the part, I figured it was fate and so I didn't change the name of the character."

Where to see Maladaptive

Maladaptive can be seen on video-on-demand through Amazon.  To rent or buy Maladaptive for online viewing click here.


Trailer for Maladaptive.

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