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Graham's Tales is a documentary feature film filled with more tales like the ones seen here on the website. The documentary delves into the story of when death came knocking on Graham's own door.  It's a true tale of what happened when, "death got personal"


The documentary features twenty-two tales from Graham's years in the death and dying trade.  Graham's Tales is a fascinating story about how we die and how we grieve.


The documentary has been completed and is currently being submitted to film festivals in the U.S. and beyond.  We'll keep you posted on which festivals the documentary gets into and where it will be playing.


Here's the trailer for Graham's Tales, starring Graham Cowley and directed by

Adam Chin.

Adam Chin, the director of Graham's Tales.

About the Documentary

Director Adam Chin says, "Graham's Tales is much more than just a documentary.  It has true crime stories and it also teaches you how to get a set of fingerprints off of a decomposed corpse.  All the things you really need to know."

Adam Chin and Graham Cowley waiting to introduce the film at the premiere of Graham's Tales.

The audience at the premiere.

Graham's Tales documentary available on Vimeo

The Graham's Tales documentary is available now on Vimeo!  Click here to stream it online:


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